TC Pricing Table Pro

TC Pricing Table Pro , a WordPress Pricing table plugin, has the following Rich Features:

Free & Pro Version

  • Responsive Pricing Table.
  • Simple and Light Weight.
  • Supported all Modern browsers
  • Unlimited Tables.
  • Unlimited Rows and columns.
  • Table Header Row & Column background text color changeable.
  • Table body background text color changeable.
  • Call To Action Button background text color changeable.
  • Work with all WordPress theme.
  • Automatic Shortcode Generate for each Table.

Only Pro Version

  • 10 different nice looking flat themes.
  • 5 different column in a row. 2,3,4,5,6 columns available in a row.
  • column box can be Rectangle and round shape.
  • Unlimited pricing tables, columns and rows.
  • Advanced settings for individual table.
  • Each table style,column,theme will be different.
  • Unlimited tables with unlimited rows and Columns can be created.
  • Column border normal and hover Color is changeable.
  • Border can be hide or show.
  • Unlimited package features can be added .put a comma to separate them.
  • Column title , features, background normal and hover color is change able.
  • Action buttons background and text color is changeable.
  • Column title,subtitle ,price,features font size can be managed.
  • Features texts can be highlighted with changeable color.
  • Mark any column to make it highlited/featured with ribbon.
  • 4 ribbons styles and the background color , text color are changeable.
  • Font Awesome icon support before features text.
  • Optimized coding standard,lightweight plugin.
  • Margin/space between columns can be enabled/disabled.
  • And many more….

Key Features

10 different nice looking flat themes.

This plugin comes with 10 different nice looking flat themes.and new themes will be added step by step.

WordPress Pricing table plugin

5 different column in a row.

5 different column in a row. The row can be in 2,3,4,5,6 columns.

Different Ribbons style.

Different ribbon styles to make any column featured or highlighted .The Ribbon background and text color is changeable.

Rectangle and Rounded Corners Shape

Table column can be rectangle or Rounded Corners shaped.CSS3 border-radius Property is manageable .

Best Support

Best Support though Email , Skype and Live messaging .

TC Pricing Tables Themes with Design Variations:

Some Back End Screenshots:

[rtbs name=”tc-pricing-table-pro”]